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searching for my sun

all those in the shadows dream of the light

just another 「 dreamer 」
6 July 1990
honestly, yours.
If I don't get a little time by myself every day, it makes me uncomfortable. I really need that. Even if it's a minute or two.
Viggo Mortensen
I write. I write a lot. I live and breathe words: every second, every minute, everyday. I don't like talking about my personal life.

(This is an escape from it.)

I don't reach out to people much. I'm usually distant - I'll admit it freely - until I get to know you then you will realize just what sort of person I am; just how flawed and human I am. When you get close, I will hold on to you for as long as you let me. I will never force you. I will try to convince and persuade you to stay, but if you want to go, it's always your choice.

I judge, but I try not to. I'm trying to become a better person - it's an endless process, I think. I'm still learning, and I'm still insensitive. I don't know much about emotions; it's the spot in the map that's uncharted, labelled with 'here be monsters'.

Anything else you want to know of me, know from my stories.
Previously known as the_dw.
My personal journal entries are friends-only.
Original fiction are friends-locked too.
Friend me if you want to. Defriend me if you want.
Comment if you want me to friend back.
It's all up to you.

Header image is 'Still Life - Fast Moving' by Salvador Dali.
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