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Fanfiction Archive: 2010-present


DC Comics

Clark Kent (Superman)/Bruce Wayne (Batman):

An Ajar Door
Summary: Clark Kent is still learning the language of Bruce Wayne. [PG]

the snow falls
Summary: The falling snow; a poor substitute. A companion drabble to this gorgeous piece of art by suavebastard. Character death warning. [G]

Learning to Fly
Summary: Clark Kent runs away from home to escape the unwanted attentions of Prince Lex of House Luthor, and runs straight from the frying pan to the fire. But there might be more to this 'Batman' than the eye sees... For the superbat_bb, with art by skykissesthesea. [PG-13]

The Closed Eyes Series:

Closed Eyes
Summary: Clark really shouldn’t have dropped into Gotham on this particular day. [NC-17]

Willing Blindfold
Summary: Lois gets her say, and Clark gets a surprise And Bruce? Bruce is probably very glad that he doesn’t have to witness any of this. Otherwise known as: the aftermath of sex pollen-induced sex with a married man. [PG]

Raise the Curtains
Summary: Bruce and Clark finally get their acts together. Things are still complicated, but it’s working out. Kind of. Hopefully? [NC-17]


Marvel Comics

Cleansing Rituals, Matt Murdock (Daredevil)/Danny Rand (Iron Fist)
Summary: Matt comes home. [R] Recommended



Saito/Robert Fischer:

counting stars on the ceiling
Summary: In which Saito falls in love with Robert’s brattiness, waits for forty years, and comes back and wins him with contracts and coffee. And George Bernard Shaw quotes. The last part is important. Done for this prompt on inception_kink: Saito pursuing Robert. It is not by force but by frequency that the water hollows the stone. [PG-13] Recommended

be the death of me
Summary: Robert dresses up as a Japanese schoolgirl. In Saito’s office. The natural progession of things happen, and nothing else. This is all fermine and bronson’s fault. [NC-17]

i died so i could haunt you
Summary: "Robert falls in love with a man in a half-forgotten dream.” In which Robert tries to win Saito, fails spectacularly, and gets his man anyway. For this prompt on the kink meme." [PG-13]

Other Pairings/Gen:

he dreams he's awake, implied Arthur/Saito
Summary:Words are nothing. Actions are everything. Arthur is a man who can reassure an old woman even as he shoots her in the head." Arthur and Saito. About a bullet in one’s lung and a noose on one’s throat. Oh, and forgiveness. [PG]

soft revolution, Eames/female!Saito
Summary: "She smiled, tilted his head, and Eames was suddenly fascinated by the smallest glimpse of the nape of her neck that was exposed by her hair and the collar of the suit." Done for this prompt on the kink meme.


Inception/Breakfast on Pluto
saving kittens from the rain, Saito/Kitten
Summary: “You look like a wet kitten, standing there.” Saito picks up a stray. [PG]

Real Person Fiction:

the devil in the details, Cillian Murphy/Ken Watanabe
Summary: ‘It's in the little things that most people won't recognise.’ Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy, and the quietest affair in the world. [PG] Recommended


Lord of the Rings

The Long Dark, Aragorn/Boromir
Summary: In the darkness of the Mines of Moria, where Men can barely see each other, Boromir falls in love. Written for j_flattermann, Ardor for August 2012. [PG]

The Song of Aragorn and Boromir, Aragorn/Boromir, Aragorn/Arwen
Summary: Mordor fell and Elessar was new-crowned, but even peace had its own dangers. Months after the coronation, the King and his Lord Steward faced their first test in the form of one Man’s greed. [PG-13] Recommended

White Tree, Aragorn-centric, implied Aragorn/Boromir
Summary: Aragorn looks at the Gondor’s White Tree and remembers. [PG]

weapons of warmth, Aragorn/Boromir, AragornArwen
Summary: As winter approached, Boromir returned to Minas Tirith from the South. Kind of a futurefic set in the world of The Song of Aragorn and Boromir. For empy during the lotr_sesa exchange. [PG]

A Captain's Duty, Aragorn/Boromir, other pairings
Summary: Boromir knows Gondor’s ways. No matter how it might break him to follow, he will, for the Captain knows his duties. Written for this prompt on hobbit_kink about homophobia in Gondor and Boromir having had a one-night stand with Aragorn long ago. [NC-17; note warnings] Recommended

A Thousand Years, Aragorn/Boromir, implied Aragorn/Arwen
Summary: King Elessar brought a hundred twenty years of peace to the lands of Men. In Fourth Age 120, he lays down to rest, and history can record no more. But there are other forms of memories. Based on an amalgation of prompts from hobbit_kink. [NC-17]

without songs or tales, Elladan/Imrahil
Summary: There were only two meetings between Imrahil and Elladan, and those two were both too much and not enough. For IdrilsSecret’s prompt for Imrahil/Elladan romance at Sultry in September 2013. [R]
(on LJ)

The Captain and the Queen, Arwen/Boromir, Aragorn/Arwen, Aragorn/Boromir
Summary: Three years after she was crowned the Queen of Gondor, Arwen finds Boromir in a small village near the Stone of Erech. Finding him seems easy when compared to her new Quest of bringing the Son of Gondor back home. [NC-17] Recommended


Lord of the Rings RPF

Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen:

The Too Damn Complicated 'Verse, with regasssa (Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy+Equilibrium (2002)), all Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen unless specified

April 2000: days without paracetamol [PG]
September 2006: norweigian cuisine, Christian Bale/Sean Bean [NC-17]
September 2007: please just take these photos from my hands [R] Recommended
Sometime after 2012: afternoon sun [NC-17]
2013: kings, stewards, and gamekeepers [NC-17]
2014: by regasssa: Love, Actually [G]

With noalinnea: monologues for two
Summary: Sean and Viggo navigate conversation. A dialogue-only fic. Currently 12 parts posted, with no end in sight. [Up to NC-17]

somewhere a clock is ticking,
Summary: Nineteen-eighties, London. Sean meets a particular American in a club, and they ended up spending one-and-a-half days together before Viggo has to return to his own country. It’s just a single weekend, isn’t it? What difference can it make? [R]

cartographies of silence (ten-parter, each part links to the next at the end)
Summary: There is one secret that Sean keeps from Viggo, and one secret that Viggo keeps from Sean. One day both will be blown open, and they both can't wait for that day. A series of events from July 2008 to December 2012. [PG-13 Max] Recommended

to move openly together, in the pull of gravity
Summary: Ostensibly, Viggo rewards Sean for getting the role in the Devil’s Peak Trilogy. But really, this is just an exercise in trust. Part of the cartographies of silence universe, before Part 10. [NC-17] Recommended

signal fire
Summary: “Bean is a veteran actor, but it seems that his personal life looms larger than his career, and many fear that with his history, he’s incapable of portraying a strong, quiet Alpha like Eddard Stark.” Relationships between two Alphas are illegal, because the world believes they can’t have children. Sean and Viggo had an entirely unexpected surprise, prove them wrong, and change the world instead of themselves. This summary makes it sound far less self-indulgent than it actually is. (Alpha-Beta-Omega-verse) [NC-17; mpreg; kinkfic]

the planets bend between us
Summary: Every story has a beginning that goes before the story itself. Before signal fire, Viggo and Sean fall in love despite expectations in New Zealand. (Alpha-Beta-Omega-verse) [NC-17; kinkfic]

grazed knees
Summary: You can’t press an ‘off’ switch on a love you’ve held for ten years, no matter how much you might want to. [NC-17] Recommended

Summary: “Winter has been here for so long that I feel like I’ve become a block of ice, and every glance of him is making me melt, the bonds holding my being together breaking apart.” One third a coming out story, one third a movie script, one third an experiment in form. Sort of a sequel to grazed knees, but it’s not necessary to read that first. [PG] Recommended

blue sunlight, in Istanbul
Summary: “Every single city had a different-coloured sun.” Sequel to grazed knees, before roadside. [PG] Recommended

assassins' tango
Summary: All married couples have at least one or two little secrets they keep from each other, don’t they? A Mr. and Mrs. Smith AU. [NC-17; warnings in each part]

Summary: Sean wants Viggo to shut off the music. [PG]

red roses and white knights
Summary: Viggo receives a present on his birthday. Written for noalinnea on Viggo’s birthday and disregards reality. [PG-13]

crushingly close
Summary: Sean comes home angry. [NC-17; note warnings] Recommended

Summary: There’s nothing anyone can do that is worse than what you can do to yourself. [NC-17; note warnings] Recommended

Summary: Sometimes you -- both of you -- just need a wakeup call. Sean and Viggo come to terms with their relationship in New Zealand, with the unwitting help of one Karl Urban. For request #15 at the ruby_story_swap. [NC-17]

every breath you take
Summary: Someone is watching Sean, and it’s not Viggo. Inspired by a prompt by helena_s_renn. [NC-17] Recommended

words in the woods
Summary: Norwegian woods in winter. Otherwise summarised as: Sean and Viggo banter for over a thousand words. Written for shegollum for slashababy 2012. [PG-13]

King and Lionheart
Summary: And in the sea that's painted black, / Creatures lurk below the deck / But you're the king and I'm a lionheart. Sean has left. Viggo sits on the beach between two sunrises. [PG]

the sun I found
Summary: Viggo tries to name his new book. For noalinnea for the prompt “birth”. [PG]

i'll bite my tongue at thee
Summary: In the fair city of Verona, two warring families lived: the Montagues and the Capulets. The story of the boy of Montague and the girl of Capulet has been told many, many times. This, however, is not their story. This is the story of their friends; once called Mercutio and Tybalt, they are now named Viggo and Sean. [PG-13] Recommended

After Eclipse
Summary: Sean and Viggo meet for the first time after the Eclipse Stakes, a horse-racing event. A prelude to afra_schatz's Sport of Kings AU. [NC-17]

Summary:He wanted bigger love, Viggo had once written. Had to have it like he had to dream himself to sleep.”Sean and Viggo meet every eighteen months, sometimes sooner, but never more than once every year. It is a ritual, maybe. Part one of refractions.

Summary: "He wanted bigger love, but he only knew how to avert his eyes and pretend to look at someone else.” Every eighteen months, sometimes sooner when he couldn’t help himself, Viggo and Sean would continue their ritual of meeting. Part two of refractions.

one day
Summary: “The safety of words, cold-formed into letters, fled him in the heat of the sun as it poured upon the dark brown of Sean’s hair.” The ritual is broken, and now Sean and Viggo must fight the chains weighing them down before they can try to pick up the pieces to form something new. Part three of refractions.

North Ireland, 2010
Summary: Beneath the blankets on a lazy winter morning. [R]

before the street begins
Summary: AU. Sean and Viggo are students in a high school in Sheffield. Tomorrow is Viggo’s graduation day. [R]


from memories so old
red nails

Sean Bean/Orlando Bloom:

25 Moments between Orlando and Sean in New Zealand
Summary: Sean and Orlando in New Zealand. Twenty-five little snapshots of their lives in which they behave like absolute idiots. The author’s sense of humour is atrocious. For afra_schatz. [PG, not brainsafe] Recommended

a nightingale at his window
Summary: Orlando wants Sean to shut up about Keats’s Ode to a Nightingale already. [PG-13; note warning] Recommended

cross-eyed for good luck
Summary: Orlando has a problem. [PG]

December 17th
Summary: Orlando and Sean try to decorate a Christmas tree. Keyword: ‘try’. For lotr_advent. [NC-17]

Of Dead Worms, Old Men, and Coming Home
Summary: Sean and Orlando have a reunion. Orlando tries a spot of rugbytackling. This goes as well as can be expected. Written for afra_schatz's birthday. [PG]

seven wonders of everyday life
Summary: One day, two people, seven different worlds. Seven situations Sean and Orlando found themselves in, and the little things that make life awesome or just plain good. For afra_schatz. [NC-17]

Finding Portable Cliffs
Summary: Sean’s flight was delayed and Orlando is complaining. A dialogue-only fic written for afra_schatz’s prompt, “How many times? If you promise something, you gotta follow through, you arse.” [PG]


Lord of the Rings RPF-inspired Crossovers

Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen:

RPF/Mirror Mirror: The King and the Jester, Viggo/The King
Summary: The father of a girl with a destiny has a destiny of his own. Though his tale is much simpler, it is still one that deserves to be told. A Viggo/Sean fairytale based on the movie Mirror Mirror. [PG-13]

Eastern Promises/GoldenEye: called out in the dark, Nikolai Luzhin/Alec Trevelyan, Nikolai/Kirill
Summary: The vory v zakone falls. Alec visits. Nikolai waits. [NC-17]

Accused/A Walk on the Moon: that clothed the world and meets the sky, Tracie Tremarco (Simon Gaskell)/Walker Jerome
Summary: “I repressed it for a long time, but Tracie's not a girl who takes no for an answer.” Once upon a time, Simon met a stranger in London named Walker. [PG] Recommended

Accused/A Walk on the Moon: round an island down below, Tracie Tremarco (Simon Gaskell)/Walker Jerome
Summary: Sometimes happy endings come true. [PG-13] Recommended

Hidalgo/Sharpe: and then he gave to me, Frank Hopkins/Richard Sharpe
Summary: Frank meets a soldier in a London bar during his trip back home. He wears his silver spurs, and Sharpe has summer wine. [NC-17]

Eastern Promises/The Big Empty: in the desert sky we find home, Cowboy/Nikolai Luzhin
Summary: After losing his purpose, Nikolai walks the desert of America. Cowboy finds him, and brings him home in his own unique way. [R]


The Hobbit RPF

Richard Armitage/Lee Pace:

set down your glass
Summary: Richard wanted to have Graham, but he now he has Lee and Lee is nothing like what he expected him to be. Expectations, Richard learns, are overrated. Otherwise known as: Lee has secrets, Richard has revelations, and the author likes fucking around with Omegaverse a little too much. Part of the signal fire series. (See LotR RPF - Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen.) [NC-17]
(not posted on LJ)

the ocean is turning, Richard Armitage/Lee Pace
Summary: Sometimes the world seems so small that Lee can’t breathe. Or, The One in Which Lee is Claustrophobic and Richard Helps and Somehow They Get Together in the End. For this prompt about Richard helping Lee overcome his fears on hobbit_kink.

a case of body language, Richard Armitage/Lee Pace
Summary: Learning new things, and learning how to compromise when it comes to desire. Or, Richard learns that topping Lee is awesome, and Lee has a filthy mouth. Over four thousand words of porn for the confusion about topping/bottoming prompt on hobbit_kink.
(not posted on LJ)

legs bedecked in black lace
Summary: “There was a box In Lee’s closet.” Entirely inspired by a tumblr gifset of a man dressing up in black stockings with garters found here. [R]
(not posted on LJ)

the scene that's composed of you and me, cowritten with St. Germaine and mdseiran
Summary: Once upon a time, St_Germaine said that a picture of Lee looks like it could have been Richard's wallpaper. An enterprising soul finds a picture of Richard that might be in Lee's phone. Photoshopping happens. evocates throws up a fic. St_Germaine replies. mdseiran joins in. Somehow it ends up being over 4000 words. [NC-17]
(not posted on LJ)

a slice of skin in a dressing gown
Summary: Richard watches Soldier's Girl. [NC-17]
(not posted on LJ)

my tongue still misbehaves
Summary: There’s an itch beneath Richard’s skin, and its name is Lee. However, Lee doesn’t seem himself, and they are not playing this scene as it should conventionally be done. But it works for them, somehow. [NC-17]
(not posted on LJ)

stay still and let go
Summary: Richard had never met a man who was so shamelessly desperate to be owned.” Richard, Lee, and a chain – and later, a collar – around Lee’s neck. Warnings for D/s, possessiveness, bondage, breathplay, orgasm denial, Richard being the Dom. [NC-17]
(not posted on LJ)

strung-out old stars
Summary:As the Ainur made the Second Music to reform the world – a world now called Terra by some, Earth by others – Eru Ilúvatar took the souls of all those who had ever lived and remade them into the Race of Men. Most reborn in this way don’t remember Arda. But some do. This is part of the tale of two such souls. [PG-13]
(not posted on LJ)

taking the lēah
Summary: William the Conqueror took England from the Saxons for the Normans. Richard Lionhearted, one of his favourites, took the Lord of the Lincoln for himself, and names him Lee. [R]
(not posted on LJ)

Other Pairings/Gen:

Watch/ing, Ian McKellen/Richard Armitage
Summary: There’s something Richard wants. There’s something Ian likes. Written for Porn Battle XIV for the prompt: Richard Armitage/Ian McKellen, voyeur, voice, exhibitionism, self play, toys, spanking, butt plug. I managed four out of seven.

the road finally gave me back, Richard Armitage+Graham McTavish Gen
Summary: Sometimes conquering your fears just means having someone beside you. Richard, Graham, and a bunch of still-packed bags. For the Richard/Any, NZ-related anxiety prompt on hobbit_kink. [G] Recommended


Miscaellaneous Fandoms

Game of Thrones RPF:

biting my tongue, Kit Harrington/Emilia Clarke/Richard Madden
Summary: Richard’s hands on his hips and Emilia’s tongue in his mouth. Kit doesn’t know whether to blame Sean or to thank him. [PG-13]


La Aguja, Sharpe/Teresa/Harper
Summary: The needle is not only sharp. A leader does not only listen. [NC-17]

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