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Fanfiction/Original Fiction Archive: 2005-2010

Ace Attorney

With kagayachou

Guilty Pleasure, Klavier/Apollo, Phoenix/Kristoph, implied Phoenix/Edgeworth and Kristoph->Klavier and maybe Apollo->Kristoph
Summary: Klavier and Apollo were up for some good clean fun, up until they came across this video of Herr Wright's... Looks like porn. [NC-17]

The Butterfly Kimono, Klavier/Kristoph
Summary: Happy 21st Birthday, Klavier. Kristoph didn't really get you anything, but... [NC-17]


Tea Party in Hell, Sort of Kristoph/Dahlia
Summary: ‘For those who felt no guilt, remorse or regret for their deeds, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory were all the same.’ Kristoph, Dahlia, and tea. [PG-13]

Promise, Klavier/Kristoph
Summary: Perhaps they weren’t normal brothers. But neither of them would have it any other way. Pre-GS4 [NC-17]



The Dysfunctional Family Universe:
aka My Crack Theory of Byakuya, Kaien, Kuukaku, Yoruichi and Kisuke Being Friends that Went Out of Control. Mostly Byakuya-centric.

Leaving, hints of Byakuya/Hisana.
Summary: ‘Kuchiki Byakuya was extremely angry at the world.’ [PG]

Between the Lies, Kyouraku/Ukitake.
Summary: ‘Shunsui was the best at seeing the truth.’ [PG]

Fragmented, 20 Things about the Dysfunctional Family, Gen
Summary: 'They are parts of a circle.' [PG-13]

Honour and Pride, 20 Things about Ukitake Jyuushirou, vague hints of Kyouraku/Ukitake.
Summary: 'He had long hair in his youth, before he entered the Shinigami Academy.' [PG]

Letting Go, Byakuya/Hisana.
Summary: ‘The first thing Kuchiki Byakuya was ever taught was the emotions are for the weak.’ [PG]

Question, Byakuya Kaien friendship.
Summary: “When are you getting married?” [PG-13]

The Priss and the Idiot, 20 Things about Kuchiki Byakuya and Shiba Kaien, Byakuya Kaien friendship, with hints of Byakuya/Hisana and Kaien/Miyako.
Summary: 'Kaien thought Byakuya to be a priss. Byakuya thought Kaien to be an idiot.' [PG]

Without a Heart, 50 sentences on Kuchiki Byakuya [PG]


Not of the Universe

Trust and Reliance, Shuuhei/Yumichika
Summary: "Why won't you let yourself rely on anyone else?" [PG-13]

Gift, Hitsugaya Matsumoto
Summary: “Happy birthday, taichou.” [PG]


Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth/Vincent Valentine:

Hollow's Eve
Summary: Pre-AC. Just how does Vincent know about the triplets? [PG-13]

Summary: AU. Sephiroth and Vincent decided to have a spar, which have… interesting results. [NC-17]

Summary: ‘He was a selfish man that way.’ [R]

50 sentences for Sephiroth/Vincent [PG-13/R]

Similar Opposites, an Essay on Sephiroth/Vincent
Warnings: Major spoilers for the game and Advent Children.



Coffee Break
Summary: ‘Reno’s coffee breaks were always especially interesting to watch.’ [NC-17]

Summary: ‘Reno was his voice.’ [R]

Tension Relief
Summary: ‘Rude had always said that he had an overactive imagination.’ [NC-17]

Along the Hightway
Summary: “Say, Chief… This is going to be a long ride, eh?” [NC-17]

50 Sentences for Rufus/Reno. [NC-17]


Miscellaneous Pairings:

Trust, Rude/Reno.
Summary: “Ya expect me to hold still while you hold a fucking gun to my head?" [PG-13]

Black, Sephiroth/Tseng.
Summary: ‘Meteor would give him his answer.’ [PG]

Fulfilling Obligations, implied Rufus/Reeve.
Summary: ‘The President is dead.’ Pre-AC. [PG-13]

Supernova, Rufus/Tseng/Elena.
Summary: 'Tseng sometimes wondered just what did he do to deserve the two in his bed.' [PG]

Useless, Rufus/Tseng.
Summary: ‘Tseng knew that he was useless…’ Spoilers for Advent Children. [PG]

Mistletoe, Elena/Tseng.
Summary: “There is also the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe during Yule, sir.” [PG-13]

Under the Mistletoe, Cloud/Vincent
Summary: ‘Cloud Strife,’ Vincent mused, ‘is an amusing drunk.’ [PG-13]

Ground Zero, Rufus/Everyone, ?/Rufus
Summary: ‘Reno had once said that Rufus had a way of talking that made every single word seem like a proposition.’ Spoilers up until Advent Children. [NC-17]
(My best fic for this fandom, IMHO.)

Of Monsters, Cid Vincent friendship-centric
Summary: Stupidity is a result of far too much angsting, as far as Cid Highwind is concerned. Vincent Valentine, unfortunately, suffers from it. For yaoi_challenge. [PG-13]

Five Stages of Rufus Shinra (As Told by His Turks and Himself), implications of Rufus/Tseng and Rufus/Reno
Summary: Rufus Shinra is not his father – for one, his Turks are solely his. For another, he cared for them, despite what he might say otherwise. A five things fic for the yaoi_challenge Reverse Ficathon. [PG-13]



Illusionary Contemplation, Vincent-centric
Summary: Vincent muses. Fifteen minute ficlet. [PG]

Enigma, 50 sentences about Vincent Valentine [PG-13]

Loss of Humanity, Vincent-centric
Summary: ‘Wear regret skin tight, dear ‘master’. Pre-game. [R]


Fullmetal Alchemist
All except one of my FMA fics are gen fics. Surprisingly so, considering the mess of pairings above.

Understanding, implied Hughes/Roy and Hughes/Gracia.
Summary: Gracias knew that he loved her as much as he did him, if not more so.’ [PG]

Summary: The sins they were named for were their greatest flaw. [PG-13]

Going Home
Summary: “The Gate is multiplying!” End of series spoilers . [PG]

Summary: ‘He didn’t ask, because he knew the answer already.’ [PG]

Dante's Inferno
Summary: The homunculi were half-alive versions of her every sin. She was the representation of the sins they were named for, for she was human. Companion fic to ‘Sins’. [PG-13]

Rationed Comfort, Hughes/Roy
Summary: "...a little comfort now and then was far better than nothing at all." Ishbal War, manga canon. [NC-17]


Gakuen Heaven

Palatial Toys, Niwa/Nakajima/Omi/Saionji, Niwa/Nakajima/Omi/Saionji/Shinomiya/Iwai/Naruse/Taki/Kazuki/Keita, and almost everything in between.
Summary: I think the pairings explain it all: orgy in the Shichijo mansion, with bonus Royal Foursome and assorted pairings that fail to be subtle. [NC-17]

Sumamry: 1fandom sentences, in which we screw the original anime pairings over and throw in a lot of, ah, more original ones. ^^; [PG-13]

Notches on the Bedpost: Naruse
Summary: In which Naruse has a match, and Nakajima is unintentionally a tease of the highest order. Or was that intentionally? [R] Recommended


The Surfacing Series: (co-written with kagayachou from Hypothetically onwards)

Surfacing: Lessons, Nakajima/Niwa, Niwa/Keita
Summary: Niwa was an inexperienced seme. Nakajima taught him how to do it right by the best way possible: demonstration. If only things were so simple. [NC-17]

Surfacing: Hypothetically, Saionji/Nakajima, Nakajima->Niwa, Saionji/Shichijo and Niwa/Keita implied
Summary: The aftermath of Lessons: Hide and Kaoru in the bathhouse together, talking about lovers, best friends, the general stupidity of the people around them, and... heh, what to do about it. [PG-13]

Surfacing: Practically, Saionji/Nakajima, Nakajima->Niwa, Saionji/Shichijo and Niwa/Keita implied
Summary: The aftermath of Lessons: Hide and Kaoru move on from the bathhouse for a different kind of heat. In Hide’s room. [NC-17]
Notes: Practically continues on DIRECTLY from Hypothetically.

Surfacing: Game, Shichijo/Nakajima, Shichijo/Saionji, Nakajima->Niwa implied
Summary: Nakajima has a ‘confession’ to make, but neither he nor Shichijo ever saw this coming. Now, who was hunter and who was prey? [NC-17]

Surfacing: Set, Shichijo/Nakajima, Shichijo/Saionji implied
Summary: The aftermath of Game: Shichijo had gone too far, and emotions are complicated. Are Shichijo and Nakajima still playing the same game now? [R]

Surfacing: Match, Shichijo/Saionji, Shichijo/Nakajima, mentioned Saionji/Nakajima, implied Nakajima->Niwa
Summary: Omi finally confesses his feelings to Kaoru, and things are more complicated than anyone had thought. Niwa makes an appearance; the other side of the equation is still unbalanced though... [PG-13]

Surfacing: Possibilities, Shichijo/Saionji, Shichijo/Nakajima, Nakajima/Saionji and Shichijo/Nakajima/Saionji implied
Summary: Are Omi and Kaoru's problems slowly resolving? Could there be a happy ending? But what about Hide's thoughts on the matter? Or Niwa's... if it matters at all... [PG-13]

Surfacing: Realities, Shichijo/Saionji, Shichijo/Nakajima/Saionji
Summary: Omi and Kaoru finally consummate their relationship, and Hide joins them. Maybe. Did they miss anything? [NC-17]

Surfacing: Interlude, Niwa/Keita, Keita/everybody else, mentioned Nakajima/Shichijo/Saionji, Niwa->Saionji
Summary: We’ve seen Surfacing from Hide, Kaoru and Omi’s points of view. Now, here’s Tetsuya’s. [PG-15]

Surfacing: Metamorphosis, Nakajima->Niwa, Shichijo/Nakajima/Saionji, Niwa->Saionji and Niwa->Keita
Summary: What would make Hide finally break down and confess? And how would Tetsuya respond after hearing the other three last night? [PG-13]

Surfacing: Chrysalis, Niwa/Nakajima, Shichijo/Nakajima/Saionji, Niwa->Saionji and Niwa->Keita mentioned
Summary: It’s just the four of them again, as if nothing’s changed, when everything has. [PG-13]

Surfacing: Breathe, Niwa/Nakajima
Summary: Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Try to go to sleep. [NC-17]

Surfacing: Reach, Shichijo/Saionji, Niwa/Nakajima, beginnings of Niwa/Shichijo/Nakajima/ Saionji
Summary: Reach out for that happy ending. It’s just right in front of you. [PG-13]

Surfacing: Roundabout, Niwa/Nakajima/Shichijo/Saionji
Summary: Kaoru makes good on his word with Hide, while Tetsuya takes another step out of his comfort zone with Omi. [PG-13]

Surfacing: Fantasy, Niwa/Nakajima/Shichijo/Saionji
Summary: Tetsuya finds a very interesting book... What are Hide and Omi doing?! [R]

Fulfilled, Niwa/Nakajima/Shichijo/Saionji
Summary: Tetsuya had called Kaoru over. They hadn't planned for this, not so soon, but... "Do you think this bed is actually big enough for the four of us?" [NC-17]

Gundam Wing


Musk and Roses
Summary: 'The duel is mine, Dragon.' [NC-17]

Summary: 'The strong, steady beat of his lover’s heart was a gentle lullaby, but he could not sleep.' Wufei contemplated, Treize comforts. [PG-13]

White Roses
Summary: 'White is the colour of mourning.' Wufei visits Treize’s grave. [PG]

Secret Valentine
Summary: Wufei had thought that Duo’s idea was horrible, but now, looking at the man in front of him, it doesn’t seem so bad after all.” [PG-13]

Summary: Wufei is trapped by the rain. Treize comes to the rescue. Sequel to Secret Valentine. [G]

Salvation, Tears and Explore
Summary: Series of three drabbles. No real summary. [PG-13]

Summary: 'He was walking down the path of sin, he knew.' [PG]

Red String
Summary: 'They were tied together by the red string of Destiny.” [PG]

Fire and Rose
Summary: 'Fire and roses would never be able to co-exist, he should have known.' [PG-13]

Summary: 'Milliardo had once said that he loved too much, that it was his one fault as a soldier.' [PG-13] [Self-injury]

Knight and Dragon, the Treize/Wufei Ship Manifesto


Miscellaneous Pairings:

Sun and Moon, Treize/Zechs/Wufei.
Summary: 'They are the Sun and the Moon to my endless night.' Wufei muses. [PG]

Parts of a Whole, Heero/Duo/Trowa/Quatre/Wufei.
Summary: "They were a team, parts of a unit, parts of a whole." [PG]

His, Wufei/Heero.
Summary: "Heero was his, and no one else's." [R]

Crush, Treize/Zechs.
Summary: "It all began with an infatuation." [PG-13]

Poker Night, Trowa/Heero.
Summary: Heero loses at poker. [PG-13]

Shared Grief, Zechs/Wufei.
Summary: 'They were brought together by shared grief over his death.' [PG-13]

After Work, Heero or Duo/Wufei
Summary: "It had been too long since they had last seen each other." [NC-17]

Form of Punishment, Dorothy/Quatre.
Summary: "Why struggle, Mister Quatre? Why fight?" [NC-17]

Tomorrow, Wufei/Quatre.
Summary: "How could he, Chang Wufei, have fallen in love with Quatre Winner, of all people?" [PG-13]

Little Gifts, Wufei/Quatre.
Summary: "Quatre, I...have been having dreams of you." Semi-sequel to Tomorrow. [PG-13]

November, Wufei/Heero
Summary: 'Wufei hated the holidays, winter in particular.' [PG-13] [Deathfic]

50 sentences for Zechs/Wufei [PG-13]


Gen fics:

Childhood Friends, Treize Zechs friendship.
Summary: “In the large dusty library filled with the sight and smell of old books and paper, a lasting friendship was born.” [G]

Man with Two Faces
Summary: 'His world was coloured in shades of grey.' [PG-13]

Means to an End
Summary: “The situation was suitably ironic, he supposed.” Treize muses. [PG]

Summary: Zechs, and his first encounter with death. [PG-13]


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


The Ultimate Self-Made Man
Summary: "The first memory Hibari had was of blood splashed across a face in glass, and the slow realization that the face was his own." An attempt to explain Hibari's backstory. [PG-13]

Perfect Aim, Reborn and Colonello
Summary: 31_days prompt: October 22 – “the killer in me”. Assassins had never been particularly good at saying goodbye, even premature ones. [PG]

The Chained Skylark's Tale, some pairings, but not the point
Warnings: GENDERSWITCH, AU, dystopian world, crack that refuses to stay as crack
[Part I of II]
Summary: “And when Rachel saw that she bare Jacob no children, Rachel envied her sister; and said unto Jacob, Give me children, or else I die.” The life in Gilead as a Handmaid, as told by Hibari Kyouya Ofdino; a crossover/fusion with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. [PG-13]

[Part II of II]
Summary: “Humans are stupid creatures – give them a little power, give them someone to lord over and they will remain your obedient slaves. Herbivores believing that they are carnivores; that they are more than prey." The life in Gilead as a Handmaid, as told by Hibari Kyouya Ofdino; a crossover/fusion with Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. [R]

Something Less Ordinary, with not-really Yamamoto-Gokudera
Summary: “The first time Gokudera met him, it was in March.” AU. Gokudera Hayato – Italian Mafioso. Yamamoto Takeshi – Japanese sushi chef. Some things, perhaps, were meant to happen. And some things just weren’t. [PG] Recommended

Lined Conversation, Reborn Hibari
Summary: “... Hibari strolled out of the mansion, flames burnt bright and red behind him and beside him, framing him as if he was a God of War waiting for worshippers to fall down to their knees.” Reborn, Hibari, and the power of words to teach, or perhaps manipulate. [PG]


With kagayachou:

Summary: Ten years after their trip in the future, Yamamoto thought that they had managed to fix everything. But something’s wrong. Something’s very wrong with Hibari. Yamamoto/Hibari, Byakura/Mukuro, Mukuro/Tsuna, Ryohei/Gokudera. [Maximum R (Part 4); PG-13 for the rest]
ARCHIVE Recommended

50 Flights or Fancies
Summary: 50 sentences on Yamamoto and Hibari as a couple, which somehow did not end up in Windshear. [PG-13]

50 Times the Denial
Summary: 50 sentences on Ryohei and Gokudera's mutual dysfunctionalities of the Windshear variety. [PG-13]



The Tragedy of Icarus
Summary: 31_days prompt: August 29 - 'The aftertaste is gonna break your heart.' Dino is getting married, and Hibari does not care. [PG]

A Heart like Fool's Gold
Summary: "Dino is a consummate fool. He is drawn to pretty things, dangerous things like whips and sharks and the taste of bittersweet poison on his tongue.” Dino, Hibari, and fools. [PG]

Open Wound
Summary: 31_days prompt: October 21 – “some assembly required”. “Hibari Kyouya is like a gaping wound, Dino thinks, something raw and painful; a gash of raw, broken red against white, white skin.” Dino, Hibari, and fixing imperfections with smiles. [PG]

Learned Hopelessness
Summary: "Hibari looks at the corpses in front of him, remnants of a decimated famiglia...” Hibari and dealing with the aftermath of Dino Cavallone. [R for violence] Recommended

Lessons Taught
Summary: Dino, Hibari, and fifteen lessons that Dino has attempted to teach. For centi_porn, theme set II. [R]

Mask of Butterfly
Summary: KHR fusion with the old-school shoujo manga Glass Mask, about acting and the theatre. Hibari Kyouya is the protégé of Reborn – the previous Phantom who now holds the rights to perform the play The Phantom Mask – and his rival for the role of the Phantom is Gokudera Hayato. This is one of their performances: M. Butterfly. Crack. [PG]

Oh Brave New World
Summary: “If Hibari had grabbed his attention onstage, he was completely enraptured by him offstage.” Sequel to Mask of Butterfly and jusretch's It's Just a Mental, Incidental, Sentimental Alibi. [PG-13]



Mr. and Mr. Hitman [Scanlation]
Summary: A Mr and Mrs Smith-esque AU. Yamamoto Takeshi, professional hitman, meets Hibari Kyouya outside a burning building, and invites him home. Who knows that such 'kindness' would lead to such... consequences? Includes guns, shooting, hot sex, and one of the most IC Hibaris I've seen in doujinshi. [NC-17]

Summary: Hibari, Yamamoto, and something like a sexual journey through myriads of kinks. For centi_porn, theme set I. [R]

Left Unsaid
Summary: After a battle, Hibari and Yamamoto work off some steam. Pure porn for this request on the kink meme. Contains bloodplay and blood-kink. [NC-17]

Summary: “In front of him stands a burning building that used to be a home.” After his father’s death, Yamamoto’s ground is pulled out from beneath his feet. For the khr_exchange. [R] Recommended


Miscellaneous/Multiple Pairings:

What is Needed, not really-Hibari/Tsuna
Summary: “Once, long ago back when he was still growing into the role of Decimo, Tsuna had fancied himself to be in love with Hibari Kyouya.” Tsuna, Hibari, and the anatomy of emotions. Spoilers for Chapter 218 and above. Recommended

Consequences, Gokudera/Hibari
Summary: Gokudera, Hibari, and the consequences of breaking the school rules. More porn for this request on the kink meme. [NC-17]

As My Lord Commands, Gokudera/Hibari, Dino/Hibari
Summary: A birthday gift for theburningempty. Hibari Kyouya is the fifteen-year old Count of Blackthorn, violent and aggressive. And he is rarely seen without his butler, Gokudera Hayato, who is ‘one hell of a butler’. An AU set in the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butter setting. [PG-13]

Drabbles, many pairings/gen
Summary: Ryohei->Hibari<-Yamamoto, Xanxus and baby Tsuna, Vongola-models!AU Yamamoto/Hibari with underwear, Supermodels AU!Dino->Hibari<-Mukuro, Hibari and Reborn, Supermodels AU!Reborn/Hibari [max PG-13]

Lamb on the Platter, Byakuran/Hibari
Summary: The consequences of loss. Porn with hidden plot. Non-con. For keikain. [NC-17]

Similar Scales, Squalo/Yamamoto
Summary: “Squalo only smiles when Yamamoto bleeds, like a shark that has just scented its prey.“ Yamamoto, Squalo, and similarities across a spectrum. For pollinia. [R]

The Language of Leaders, Dino/Tsuna [Drabble]


Ouran High School Host Club


Yin and Yang
Summary: “Kyouya thought that if he ever love a person, it would be Tamaki.” [PG]

Oceans and Dreams
Summary: “Tamaki knows that he has a gift for reading people.” Companion to Yin and Yang. [PG]

Scent and Touch
Summary: 'Kyouya remembers people by their smell and touch.’ [PG]

Blessing in Disguise
Summary: “Ohtori Kyouya fainted during a meeting, and the lives of the members of the Ouran High School Host Club are irreparably changed.” Mpreg. Not very crack-like crack. I'm going to hell for this. [PG-13]

Thick Layers of Disguise
Summary: A few drabbles detailing events that I couldn’t fit into Blessing in Disguise. Please read that first. Mpreg, mostly crack. Still going to hell. [PG]

Summary: 'Kyouya always relents, and he knows perfectly well why.' In which Romance and Smut aren't exclusive of each other. [NC-17]

The Plan, Tamaki/Kyouya, Hikaru/Kaoru and hints of Kyouya/Kaoru
Summary: Kyouya and Kaoru are devious, and Hikaru and Tamaki are oblivious. Haruhi is an innocent bystander. The rating is for the smut in the last part, which is denoted by ‘***’. [NC-17]

Of Smiles
Summary: ‘Ohtori Kyouya has many different smiles…’ Two drabbles, two POVs on the same theme of ‘smiles’. [G]

More Uses than One
Summary: In which Tamaki ties Kyouya up with his own school tie… and, oddly enough, no sex happens. [PG]

Reflections of a Fantasy
Summary: Five years in the future, things aren’t very different from before. But there are certainly differences, such as Tamaki and Kyouya’s relationship. Prompt: office sex. [NC-17]

Summary: In which Kyouya is a tease, much to Tamaki’s chagrin. But two can play a game, can’t they? For splinteredfate’s request. [PG-13]

Of Toys
Summary: In which Tamaki is perverted and Kyouya is… violated? Prompt: sex toys and video camera. Also for splinteredfate’s request [NC17]

Best Man
Summary: '‘This is a romantic cliché,’ Kyouya thinks.’ He is the best man at their wedding, and he is in love with the groom. [PG]

A Gentlemanly Affair
Summary: In which Tamaki is an English gentleman (of a sort), Haruhi is his daughter, an English young lady (again, of a sort). And Kyouya? Kyouya is a tourist who is forcibly dragged into their world by Tamaki. Haruhi narrates their meeting, and all of that happened next. For heartscientist's Victorian AU prompt here. [PG] Recommended

Summary: Kyouya is trying to concentrate, but Tamaki can be extremely distracting if he wishes to be. Prompt: sex in a car. [NC-17]

Fair Play
Summary: The merits of being right, and having a possessive, jealous boyfriend. Prompt: Wet shirt smut PWP, sequel to Turnabout (please read that first). [NC-17]

Save the King
Summary: Suppose that it wasn’t Haruhi who went after Tamaki. Suppose that the two third-years had a meddling streak, and Mori pushed Kyouya into the carriage. What would have changed? And what would have not? [PG-13]

A Moment of Forgetfulness
Summary:‘Kyouya was having a truly strange day at work.’ In which Kyouya has voices in his head, and forgets an important date. Tamaki is devious, to no one's surprise. [PG]

Never an Eclipse, 50 sentences for Tamaki/Kyouya [PG-13]

The Little Mermaid
Summary: In which Tamaki and Kyouya save each other, metaphorically and literally. Or, at least, Tamaki tries. [PG]

Summary: 31_days prompt: September 9 - "the linguistics of emotions". Tamaki, Kyouya, and fairytales. “The evil wizard smiled, and fell, and fell, and fell.” [PG] Recommended

Lacking Definition, Kyouya-centric, implied Tamaki/Kyouya
Summary: For the ouran_contest prompt "Impending Doom". What, Kyouya wonders, is the use of a protector who no longer had anything to protect?”[G]



Unspoken, Mori/Kyouya
Summary: ‘Kyouya finds silence in Mori.’ Four scenes, with countless words said, none spoken out loud. But for them, it is perfect. [PG] Recommended

Needs, Mori/Kyouya
Summary: There are things Mori needs that Honey can't give him. And there are things Kyouya needs that only Mori understands. Four scenes; four revelations. [PG]



Triptych, Tamaki/Kyouya, Tamaki/Haruhi, Kyouya/Tamaki/Haruhi
Summary: Tamaki and Haruhi love each other, but Tamaki loves Kyouya as well. Kyouya, however, tries his best to push Tamaki away for the ‘his own good’. They manage to find a compromise. Or 'What really happened after the credits rolled'. Very vague spoilers. [PG]

Seven Times Blessed, Tamaki/Kyouya/Hikaru/Kaoru/Mori/Haruhi/Honey
Summary: Being in an orgy is more trouble than anyone can think, especially if you’re the only woman and the men are insatiable. But Haruhi manages like she always does. Future-fic. Not just porn. [NC-17] Recommended

Two of Silver and One of Gold, Tamaki/Haruhi, Kyouya->Tamaki and Kyouya/Haruhi
Summary: Tamaki is dead, and Kyouya and Haruhi are left to pick up the pieces. Things definitely do not go well. Of grief, of making mistakes, and of moving on. [R] Recommended

Cat's Cradle, Tamaki/Kyouya, Tamaki/Haruhi
Summary: Kyouya had been able to see the red threads between people’s fingers since the day he was born. A song of fate, and the breaking of. Tamaki was a man who could never be predictable. [PG-13]



Vapour and Snow, Gen; no pairings
Summary: 'There are very few material things Kyouya loves. He does not love money, no matter what anyone might think.' [G]

Halloween Interlude, Gen
Summary: ‘‘Halloween,’ Kyouya thought, scrunching his nose in half-disgust and half-amusement, ‘is remarkably overrated.’’ In which there is Victorian dress, Nekozawa is defeated by a greater evil, Tamaki turns grey, and Kyouya is amused. [PG]

Symphony Romantica
Summary: 31_days prompt: October 13 – “fool for love”. Tamaki is a fool, but he is a fool who loves, who believes, with all of his too-large heart. “Sometimes he plays songs of love unrequited, love unanswered, of a man dancing alone with his hands held outwards, frozen in the air.” [G] Recommended

[Essay] Reasons Why I Dislike Kyouya/Haruhi As Much As I Do


Prince of Tennis

Of the Same Continuity:

Of Friendships and Mild Sanity – 20 Things about Rikkaidai, Niou/Yagyuu and implications of Sanada/Atobe in the background
Summary: ‘The mental states of all the Rikkaidai regulars were ultimately Yukimura-buchou’s fault.’ Manga continuity, with divergent future of Rikkai winning the Nationals. [PG-13]

Black and White Photography, vaguely Niou/Yagyuu
Summary: ‘Niou Masaharu likes photography.’ [PG]

Teasing, Sanada/Atobe
Summary: In which there is no plot, and Sanada and Atobe prove that arguments are just a part of foreplay. Manga characterisations. [PG-13]

Pride and Arrogance – 20 Things about Sanada and Atobe, Sanada/Atobe, with hints of Niou/Yagyuu and Yanagi/Kirihara
Summary: In which there are tennis matches, and denial and attraction lasted over three years. Manga-anime hybrid canon, slightly related to Of Friendships and Mild Sanity. [R]

Mischievous Elf – 20 Facts about Kirihara Akaya, Gen
Summary: “To his mother, Akaya was the unbearably cute, incorrigible son she always had to worry about.” Manga canon and this will make more sense if you have read my other 20facts, but it isn’t necessary. [PG]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, 50 sentences for Sanada/Atobe [R]

Gentleman/Trickster – 20 Things about Yagyuu Hiroshi and Niou Masaharu
Summary: In which everything is unspoken and nothing is confessed. Words are just a vessel for communication; they have no need for such a thing. ‘To Niou, Yagyuu was a challenge that will never turn static… Yagyuu loved Niou, for he had always loved the House of Mirrors.’ [R]

20 Truths about Rikkai that They Will Never Speak About
Summary: There are things that they know about each other; things they don't speak about because there never is a need to. Being a Rikkai team means understanding each other without words. [G]


Not of the Same Continuity:

Narcissus's Mirror, Niou/Yagyuu
Summary: ‘They were two people and half a person all at once and it made sense to them for nothing else did.’ Being confused was half the way of life. Niou and Yagyuu and the blurred edges. [PG-13]

Sir Gentleman, Sir Trickster, Niou/Yagyuu
Summary: "I've never felt the kiss of love,"; "Love wears many masks." Irony at it’s finest: Niou sees the details, and Yagyuu sees the general picture. Unsurprisingly, their views don’t get along. [PG-13]

Obsessive Control, Yagyuu/Niou
Summary:Hiroshi,’ Niou thought, ‘is one obsessive-compulsive control freak.’ In which Niou and Yagyuu try something new, and found that they liked it very, very much. For All Japan Competition’s Category 1: Obsession. [NC-17]

The Rewards of Boredom, Yagyuu/Niou
Summary: ‘The first time they had switched was when they were both bored out of their minds.’ In which Yagyuu and Niou aren’t as much of lovers as… something else, and the Switch was born. [PG-13]

Star-Crossed, Atobe/Oshitari
Summary: Oshitari thinks too much; Atobe has never been good at expressing what he needs on a personal level. “Perhaps, Yuushi thought, it has always been hopeless.” [NC-17]


Warriors and Generals, a Rikkai-centric historical AU set in the Sengoku-jidai

Part One: The Generals
Summary: Hyoutei had fallen, and its General, Atobe Keigo, was the only known survivor of its ruling family. Sanada rushed to the rescue. [PG-13]

Part Two: Rikkaidai
Summary: In which Ryoma worries over Tezuka and is confused, while Atobe awakens, Sanada trains and Sengoku thinks about the past. More of Rikkai, and Yukimura, are revealed as Akaya reminiscence about twelve years ago, when he was a thief living on the streets of Rikkaidai. [PG-13]

Part Three: Tachibana's Folly
Summary: In which Niou makes his appearance, and his history is revealed. Yagyuu is devious and Marui is rather helpful. Fudomine appears, if just for a moment. [PG-13]


Sengoku BASARA

Tamura, Kojuurou/Masamune
Summary: "Well, he doesn’t have to come back. The One-Eyed Dragon can see perfectly well without his Right Eye now. Not to worry.” Kojuurou, and the limitlessness of devotion. [NC-17]

Re:, Kojuurou/Masamune
Summary: A birthday fic for shahni. Kojuurou and Masamune find each other again. Four hundred years late. [PG-13 in all]
Chapter One: Re: Searching
Chapter Two: Re: Calls
Chapter Three: Re: Connecting
Chapter Four: Re: New

Cut, Masamune-centric, gen
Summary: Masamune wins. [PG-13]



Of Femininity
Summary: For 100_roadstrips Challenge #23 - Genderswitch. Because Gojyo is an idiot, and because all Sanzos are supposed to be male. [PG]

Inner Demons, You!Kai/Gonou/Hakkai
Summary: “They come to him in his dreams.” Dark, disturbing, with spoilers for Volume 5. [R]

Unimportance, Sanzo/Hakkai, Gojyo->Sanzo
Summary: ‘They're looking at each other again, those small, secret glances that they think he doesn't see. Fucking morons.’ Gojyo-POV. [PG-13]

Like a Bullet to the Head, Hakkai/Gojyo
Summary: In which denial is not just a river in Egypt, and Hakkai is a sneaky bastard. [R]


Miscaellaneous Fandoms


Rememberance, Alex/Rem
Summary: 'I met her in a coffee shop.' [PG]


The Emotions of Books
Summary: 'Yakushi Kabuto is a first-rate spy.’ In which Itachi admits that he's emotionally retarded, and muses on Kabuto's ability to hide his emotions. Spoilers for Chapter 289 and up. [PG]

Triumvirate, Jiraiya/Orochimaru/Tsunade
Summary: There were once two boys and girls, a brat, a spoiled princess, and a control freak. This is their tragedy. ‘They were comrades, never friends, never lovers, but they would gladly die for each other.’ [PG]


Multiple Fandoms/Crossovers

Multi-fandom Drabble Request Post
There is: Gundam Wing, Prince of Tennis, Ouran, Naruto, Bleach and one Window/Curtain. [Multiple ratings, PG-13 at the most]

Ouran/xxxHolic (Fusion): The Price of a Wish
Summary: In an alternate universe, Kyouya and Tamaki never met at Ouran, but their paths were destined to cross - this time, in Ichihara Yuuko's shop. Written with kagayachou. [PG]
[Part One]
[Part Two]

Prince of Tennis/Katekyo Hitman Reborn!: Mutual Understanding
Summary: ‘She meets him in front of a roadside stall.’ Inui, Bianchi, and sharing the joys of cooking. Inspired pretty much by this post. [PG-13]


Original Fiction
Note: These are under friends-lock. Comment to be friended.

Children of the Shadows:

Summary: 'He had seen many things in his time.' [PG]

Tale the First - White Ribbon
Summary: 'If he had taught him anything, it was that his own pleasure did not matter.' [NC-17]

Tale the Second - Crossing Borders
Summary: '‘He wondered what would they say if they realized ‘her’ true gender.’ [NC-17]


Tale the Second - Crossing Borders Version Two
Summary: '‘He wondered what would they say if they realized ‘her’ true gender.’ [NC-17]


Flash Fiction:

Death's Cynic
Summary: ‘Death is pretty damn boring.’ Swearing, slight religious themes. [PG-13]

Eye of the Noodle
Summary: ‘It thought it had seen everything from its perch up here.’ [PG-13]

Summary: ‘We were all waiting for him to die.’ [PG]

Summary: “One, two, three…” [PG]

Code Red
Summary: ‘The world is crashing down upon me.’ [PG]

The Stranger
Summary: ‘A stranger lives in my house, sir, and he calls himself my father.’ [PG-13]

Factual Cynicism
Summary: ‘I am a cynic.’ [R]

Summary: Power corrupts. [PG-13]



what the lightning saw
as rain falls
futility of words | and paper tears
as wind rushes through my hair
the spider that builds its web on glass
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